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Dothan Restoration is a locally owned damage restoration company located in Dothan, Alabama. Our company provides many popular restoration services such as:

Starting from humble beginnings over 15 years ago, we’ve grown into a strong restoration service for Dothan and the surrounding regions. Thanks to our growing customer base, we’ve been able to continually expand our knowledge base and become experts in the restoration industry. Our highly trained staff has the knowledge and experience to ensure your restoration project is completed properly.

A key element that sets us apart in this industry is our commitment to completing a restoration job thoroughly the first time. All types of damage restoration typically have multiple problems that need to be addressed. If all the problems are not addressed initially, then they will remain and show symptoms later. These kinds of loose ends can become a financial nightmare for homeowners, causing them to repair damage later that they were told previously was fixed. We take pride in providing thorough restoration services so that our customers never have to worry whether every concern was addressed.

Hire Dothan Restoration and you can rest assured knowing your home has been solidly restored for the long term!

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