Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire Restoration Service in Dothan, AL

A fire in the home is a frightening experience for anyone involved. Once everyone is determined safe from the fire, the next biggest concern is the condition of your home. Fire and smoke can cause tremendous damage to a home, leaving homeowners unsure of where to look for help. Well, if you’re unfortunate enough to experience a house fire, then Dothan Restoration is here to help with all your fire damage restoration. We know it’s a terribly stressful event, but we’ll do everything we can to relieve your stress and put you back in your home as soon as possible!

House fires spread rapidly and are incredibly destructive. Not only is the burned area in need of restoration, but typically the entire home is left with smoke and soot residue. If left untreated, these residues can be corrosive to the all the materials of your home that survived the fire. In addition, during the fire department’s extinguishing of the fire they likely used water and chemicals, which need to be cleaned quickly to avoid damaging your home permanently. Many often forget to consider the water damage restoration needed after a house fire, but it’s also a critical element to completely restore your home.

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Fire Damage in need of restoration - Dothan, AL

why Hire A Fire Restoration Company?

The best time to contact our staff is as soon as your home’s fire has been extinguished by the fire department. We offer 24/7 emergency services so do not hesitate to reach out to us day or night. The sooner our expert staff can begin our fire damage restoration process the better your home will be in the end. A lot can be done by our staff in the first 48 hours following a fire, we can mediate the soot, smoke, and water from causing permanent damage to other parts of the home.

In addition, we can take steps to protect areas of your home that are now exposed to the elements due to the fire damage. No matter the situation, our professional staff will work with you during this stressful time to ensure your home gets the restoration treatment it needs, so you can focus on other pressing matters. Dothan Restoration is the company you can depend on to restore your home from a tragic event like a house fire.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process


Once on-site our emergency service staff will begin evaluating the extent of fire and water damage your home has experienced. Our experts will be paying particularly close attention to your home’s building components to evaluate whether they need to be repaired to restore structural integrity. During this process we will also document damage before any type of restoration begins.

Fire Damage in need of restoration - Dothan, AL


If applicable, our staff will take the steps necessary to prevent portions of your home from experiencing further damage. Often fires can leave sections of your home exposed to weather, which can create further damage during the restoration period. We will protect these sections and prevent further damage to your home.


Unfortunately, there will be components of your home that can not be cleaned or salvaged. Our expert staff will work to keep all items that can be saved, but all unsalvageable items will need to be removed from the home to allow for a safe and proper restoration.

Complete Fire Damage Restoration in progress - Dothan, AL


Utilizing our professional cleaning processes, our team will work to decontaminate your home to remove lingering smoke and soot residue. The residues left behind from house fires can be corrosive to the materials in your home, so we take the cleanup portion of our process very seriously to fully restore your home.


Once properly cleaned, your home will be structurally and cosmetically restored to its pre-fire state. This part of our process can vary wildly in each project, due to fire damage never being consistent. In some scenarios, this is a major construction project requiring multiple specialized contractors.


After every fire restoration there needs to be proper cleanup conducted before the home can be turned back over to the owner. Cleaning of all work areas is conducted so that you can return to a freshly cleaned and restored home.

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