Mold Remediation & Removal

Mold Removal Service in Dothan, AL

The discovery of mold is a nightmare scenario for any homeowner and the battle to remediate mold can leave many hopeless. This is where professionals like Dothan Restoration can help remedy your mold problems and make them a thing of the past! Our team of experts has the proper training and equipment to handle mold inspection, mold remediation, and mold removal.

The removal of mold for the average homeowner can be an overwhelming task because they lack the knowledge and equipment to properly complete the job. The entire mold removal process can be quite extensive and requires a team of experts with the proper equipment and knowledge. We’ve compiled our knowledge through 15 years of providing mold removal services to the Dothan community. And throughout our years of service, we’ve continued to iterate our mold removal process to ensure our customers never have to deal with the nasty problem of mold ever again!

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Moldy/leaky window in need of restoration - Dothan, AL

Mold Remediation In The Southeast

Unfortunately for us, the hot and humid conditions of the Southeast region is a breeding ground for many fungi such as mold and mildew. Once in the home mold spores become insidious and spread into your walls, framing, and finishes. Typically, the existence of mold isn’t even discovered until after it has already spread extensively. And if left untreated, mold can continue to spread further through your home generating an eventual health risk to all occupants. When mold is suspected in your home, it’s recommended you hire a professional to come inspect and remediate the problem as soon as possible.

Our Mold Remediation Process


Our team of professionals will first evaluate your mold problem to determine the extent and source. Mold thrives off moisture and the best way to remediate mold is to remove its source of water. Typically, mold is found around leaks or other sources of water damage, so we prioritize finding where water intrusion has occurred. This is our first step because if you don’t stop the water source then you will not be able to stop the mold.

Molded wall in need of restoration - Dothan, AL


Once the extent of the mold and associated damage is understood, the next step is containment. We want to completely seal off the affected area to prevent mold spores from spreading further into the home during the mold removal process. Once contained, our team can begin scrubbing the air with our commercial equipment to remove any airborne mold spores and prevent further mold expansion.

Mold removal in progress - Dothan, AL


With the area contained, we can begin removing all the moldy drywall, carpeting, insulation, and finishes. These items are then properly bagged and removed from the jobsite to prevent any contamination to other parts of the home. During this process our team must wear proper personal protective equipment to stay safe and prevent contamination.


Now with all the moldy finish material removed, we can begin cleaning the materials that we’re unable to remove such as framing, sub-flooring, and concrete. We clean these surfaces using industry standards to ensure all mold is completed removed via cleaning products and HEPA vacuuming.


Following the cleaning process, our team will move on to removing mold’s fuel, moisture. Utilizing commercial dehumidifiers, we’ll ensure that all moisture is removed from the remaining building materials before we being to repair the area.


Once we’ve confirmed all moisture has been removed and all leaks have been completely fixed, then our team will begin restoring your home with the proper building materials and finishes.

Complete mold restoration being finished - Dothan, AL


After complete restoration of the previously contaminated area, we’ll complete a thorough clean-up to ensure no materials are left behind. With a full clean-up and restoration complete our team can remove the containment area and return your home back over to you completely mold free!

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