Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration In Dothan, AL

Experienced dreadful water damage to your home? Then Dothan Restoration has you covered. Our team of experts have the skills and equipment necessary to restore your home to its former glory!

Water, while necessary for life, can be an immensely destructive force, especially when it comes to buildings. Building damage from water can be brought about by many sources such as plumbing leaks, floods, storms, or even poor drainage. Due to the porous construction of many building materials water has the ability to soak deeply into a home’s structure. Once deep within the structure, water damage can quickly become insidiously destructive by growing mold and rotting away structures. If left untreated, water damage can cause permanent damage to a home, making the eventual repair extensive and expensive.

Whether you’ve experienced a natural or accidental water disaster, we’re the restoration experts you can rely upon. Through our 15+ years of experience we’ve developed tried and true methods to approaching any water damage situation.

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Dangers of Untreated Water Damage

Leaving water damage lingering is a certain way to rapidly degrade and depreciate your home. Not to mention the health risks that can exist within a moldy and rotten home. If you already have a mold problem, then we’ve got you covered because we handle mold remediation as well. The best way to ensure you never experience this kind of permanent water damage is to get ahead of it. As soon as water damage is suspected it’s critical to hire a professional like us so we can extract, treat, and repair your home as necessary

Water damage on ceiling in need of restoration - Dothan, AL
Rotten floor restoration in progress - Dothan, AL

Our Water Damage Restoration Process


Our team of experts will evaluate your specific water situation to determine the source of water and the level of damage. Once the source of the water intrusion has been found and stopped, then we can move on to accessing the damage. During this part of our process, our staff will explore to understand the full extent of the water damage. We don’t want any areas of your home to be hiding water, we want to resolve the entire problem, so you never have to worry about it again.


As necessary, we will quickly work to extract and remove all the water from your home. Thanks to our commercial water extraction equipment we can work rapidly to remove all the accumulated water. The sooner we can extract the water the better because the longer water lingers the longer it can expand its impact and degrade your home’s structure.


Although we work rapidly with our water removal process, unfortunately it doesn’t capture all the water present in your home’s structure. As mentioned above, porous construction materials quickly soak up and retain water that must be dried out.

Utilizing industrial air movers and dehumidifiers our team will then work on drying out all the materials in your home that could have absorbed water during the water disaster. With our moisture detectors we can determine once your building’s materials have been properly dried of all residual water.

Bathroom water damage restoration drying in progress - Dothan, AL


Once we’ve confirmed all water has been extracted and dried from your home, then we will begin our extensive cleaning process. The cleaning segment of our process is vital to ensure that no bacteria or fungi has the opportunity to grow within the home. Using industry standard cleaning processes, we will alleviate the potential health risks commonly associated with water damage.

Complete bathroom water damage restoration - Dothan, AL

Repair & Restore

The next stage in our process involves restoring your home to the state it was in prior to the water disaster. The extent of the repair is wholly dependent upon each water damage scenario. In some scenarios it may involve complete reconstruction of structural members, while in other scenarios it can be a simple restoration of cosmetics.

Regardless of the extent, our professional team will complete a thorough job leaving your home completely restored.


The final step our team will perform is a quality assurance walkthrough. During this walkthrough our experts are looking for any water damage that may have been left unresolved. We never want to leave a restoration project with lingering issues. At Dothan Restoration we want our water damage restoration service to be the last one you ever need!

Contact our staff today and we’ll work hard to restore your home back to it’s prime!

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