24/7 Emergency Restoration

Emergency Restoration Service in Dothan, AL

If you’re experiencing a water, fire, or any other home disaster, then our emergency restoration team is standing by ready to help. We know disasters can strike at any time, day or night, that’s why we’re available 24/7 for our customers. Our team will respond in a timely manner to your emergency request and provide high quality restoration services. Please see our list of available restoration services below:

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How Soon After A Disaster Should I Hire A Restoration Company?

In general, when it comes to restoration services, sooner is always better. The sooner our team can get to work remediating the disaster the better the outcome will be for your home. The longer a disaster gets to linger in your home the more likely it is to cause extensive or permanent damage. If our team can catch the damage early, then we can minimize and reverse the damage before it’s too late. For example, with water damage mold and mildew can begin growing in as short as 24 hours after water exposure. Leaving these types of disasters untreated will help them grow into a much larger problem you’ll have to deal with in the future.

Water extraction in progress - Dothan, AL

Emergency Water Removal

When it comes to emergency water disasters, a critical step is water extraction. With our industrial equipment we can rapidly remove standing water from your home to minimize the damage. Our emergency team will arrive to provide top-notch water extraction services.

Following the water removal, the next equally important step is the drying process. Utilizing commercial grade air movers and dehumidifiers we can ensure all undesired moisture is removed from your home’s materials. Starting the dehumidifying process as soon as possible will ensure mold doesn’t have a chance to set foot in your home. When it comes to emergency water removal services, we have the Dothan community covered!

Emergency Fire Restoration

Fire disasters are a horrible experience for any homeowner, which is why we do our very best to assist the homeowner in this stressful time. Commonly unknown, the first 48 hours are critical for fire and smoke restoration. When our team responds rapidly following a fire, we are able to prevent further damage from occurring to the property. Promptly removing soot, smoke, and water from a recently burned structure can make a significant difference in the level of permanent damage. At Dothan Restoration we will do everything to maximize the potential for a full restoration of your home.

Fire fighters battle residential fire - Dothan, AL
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